surfing to sleep

I cannot sleep :-( while browsing, I just find out some nice documentation regarding operating system basics at Laboratory for Software and Hardware Integration (LISHA).

Very nice collection of pdf slides and a nice article regarding a program structure from the point of view of the OS (well at least for posix OS), the dreaded hello world program revisited.

Found an article written in Feb. 2007 on the IBM developerwoks network regarding memory management. The article gives a good overview of the various kind of errors when dealing with dynamic memory in C.

The article is AIX centric (the unix from IBM) and fails to mention valgrind, one of the best tool available when tracking memory issues in C/C++:

The marketplace of software memory tools includes both proprietary ones like IBM Rational® Purify, Electric Fence, and other open source tools. Several of each work well with AIX, among other operating systems.

More content from developerworks, this time regarding user experience when browsing the web. Since I am not a web developer/designer this article (an introduction) was worth reading. This article was written in Feb. 2005 and is so current !

Ok, I should really go to bed now or I’ll be late *again* tomorrow morning.


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