trac and mercurial

I am a mercurial user: it just does what I need to do and is much better than cvs :-)

When surfing, I went back to an old site I did not visit for a long time: the trac project.

Last time I checked the project was in 2004, I was using darcs as a source control system and really liked the concept of patches that it uses – very powerful. The drawback, at that time (I did not check darcs for 3 years now), was scalability: as the repository was growing it just became slower and slower to pull/push patches from/to the various guys in the team.

When I tried Mercurial, it was not as nice as darcs (i.e. innovative) but it did a great job at keeping my sources safe ;-). Nowadays, I find mercurial really great, many, many features have been added, and working with it is a bliss !
But, I digress … So At that time I found out that trac was only able to use subversion (there was an alpha version for darcs), and left the project where it was.

Having a repository managed by mercurial is nice, I need now to provide more than just source control: bug/issue tracking and a wiki attached to the source code.
So recently I decided to give it a try again and … surprise !
I was very pleased to find Trac Mercurial that does exactly what I want: use the wiki with the mercurial repositories – nice.

If you have never used darcs, mercurial or trac, you should really give them a try.
I do not say that they will solve your everyday problems, but they will may give you new ideas about version source control.

Have fun.


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